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1671 W. Main Street, Suite D, El Centro
October 19, 2021, 1 pm to 3 pm

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COVID-19 Statement and Enhanced Protocols


Opening up our clinics within a pandemic, we are being very cautious to keep our patients and our staff safe while administering treatments. We feel that with our standard protocols, our clinics already operated at the highest standards, including not double booking patients so that patients can be seen at their appointment times rather than having any significant waits, however, we have further enhanced our protocols and procedures including the following.

All staff will wear masks when interacting with patients and entering treatment rooms. Staff will wash their hands or sanitize them when entering the clinic and after every contact with patients. All touchable surfaces in the clinic are cleaned after a patient visit, including door handles.

Patients will be booked so that patients do not come in contact with each other and also to provide sufficient time for thorough cleaning between patients. As such, patients arriving more than 10 minutes late for their appointment may be rescheduled so that it doesn’t impinge on the next patient. Patients arriving early are encouraged to call the clinic prior to coming into the clinic to see if we can accommodate them.

Patients must be in good health and must be wearing face masks to enter the clinic for treatment. We strongly discourage patients bringing anyone with them into the clinic for their appointment. Patients will be escorted from room to room, as appropriate, pre- and post-appointment by a staff member to minimize any unnecessary chance contacts.

After any invasive procedure, we ask patients to commit to going home immediately and staying isolated for 48 hours to give the skin time to re-epithelialize. This is especially critical for patients who are getting any treatments on their faces since they will not be able to wear a mask for 48 hours after most treatments.

Please note that most consultations and follow up appointments will be done via telehealth rather than in-clinic visits.

Together, we will work to provide treatments safely to our patients. Thank you for your cooperation.


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