Darina's Coolsculpting Journey

This is our friend Darina who has taken us on her Coolsculpting Journey. Among her reasons for slimming down this year was her Wedding in May and Honeymoon in the Fall. Darina used diet, exercise, and CoolSculpting so that she could look and feel the way she wanted to on the big day and beyond. She has shared her journey to transformation with us. Click on the picture to read about her journey!





Thought To Weeks After Second Treatment

I’m now about 2 weeks out from my second treatment. My plan is to hit different areas each visit so I can see an all-around reduction of my middle area. THE EXCITING UPDATES this week are about the areas that were done on my first treatment – about 7 weeks ago. We did flanks and I’m seeing some slimming on both sides!!!! We all know how much is pinchable and I’m pinching less and my sides look less bulgy now! Will share pictures soon…
Last weekend I went wedding dress shopping! I ended up trying on 4 different gowns and absolutely fell in love with the 4th one. I didn’t plan on a fancy princess dress, but walked out with one… It accentuates the right places and gives me a flattering figure…. Now to Coolsculpt a few more inches of that middle area away. 


Third Round of Treatment - Progress!     

Sooooooo, I’m turning 40 this month. I didn’t have any huge before-I-turn-40 goals but would like to accomplish a few things before the 40th year is out. #1 – get married #2 – go on honeymoon and look good in a swimsuit #3 – slim down a realistic 20 pounds #4 – Live life and be happy Glad to say goal #2 is underway with Coolsculpting, and goal #4 is how I try and live daily – Did I mention we’re going to Maui to celebrate? Life is good – I haven’t really made headway in controlling my daily eating habits. As most of you can relate – life gets in the way :/ I’ve had several crazy work weeks in a row and not much time for healthy shopping or cooking. This week my goal is to revisit my calorie journal and focus on the 8 weeks-to-wedding countdown. This said, even though I haven’t lost any weight I am looking slimmer in my middle area as the weeks go by!! I’m actually starting to see my figure again.

I found the chin freezing entertaining. Mostly because I wasn’t able to talk so I had to try and learn sign-language to communicate. Just kidding. LOL – No, what I found entertaining was the ‘butter block’ I photographed after the Coolmini was removed. Looks like there was plenty there to freeze.



Fourth Round of Treatment and Vacation!    

We are 3 weeks away from the wedding. Time went by fast and my last dress fitting is in 2 weeks. The dress was taken in on the waist by 1.5” on each side on my first fitting and with this next one – they can adjust it further if I’m slimmer in the middle area again. It’s going to be a hectic few weeks but stay tuned and I’ll share after the fitting!

Our pre-wedding vacation was a blast… I felt more comfortable in my new swimsuit and as a result – I just had a great time not worrying about how I looked swimming among the waterfalls My middle section is slimmer. I’m looking forward to my next Coolsculpting session after the wedding to prep for our honeymoon!

I’m Loving how it Looks

My final dress fitting was last Friday and it went really well. The dress is shaped perfectly to my waist! They took it in a total of 3” since my first fitting 3 months ago!!! Big win for me and looking forward to seeing some professional photos from the wedding We’re only a few days away and I’m thankful to report that all the details are done and we can now relax before the festivities begin… I’ll be back at the Vein Clinic on 6/21 for some more Coolsculpting in prep for the Honeymoon that we have next to plan.

Wedding Day


I’m finally out from under-water after the wedding. All the organizational after-math has eaten the whole week! I wanted to share a few images from the event. I felt great, pics looked great (we don’t have the professional ones yet) and the event was exactly what my husband and I envisioned So we’re still quite a ways out from our Fiji Honeymoon (will be late Fall or early 2020) but looking to slim down more before the trip. On my weight loss journey – I’ve gone down about 10 lbs since I started earlier this year…. It’s been a slow and trying road with many obstacles (if you call a wedding an obstacle – lol), but the Coolsculpting has really helped to shape down the bulgy areas to which weightloss is not the answer. I’m looking forward to seeing the before and after comparison which we’ll be doing in about a month or so.