Glacial Rx


Glacial Rx(tm) is the first spot removal treatment that uses cryomodulation(tm), a patented cooling technology to freeze melanin at the source, suppressing the melanin production and soothing your skin while effectively removing those age spots and sun spots.  

The non-invasive treatment consists of a freezing step where a cold plate is held to your skin on the spots. This is followed by a cooling handpiece moved across the skin to gently reduce any redness and puffiness on your face, and allowing for the application of topical serums to protect the skin from environmental pollutants. The overall process effectively reduces melasma and rosacea as well as the reduction of skin spots. 

Results may be seen after a single treatment, with the full benefit seen within 4 to 8 weeks. 

There is no pain, no downtime, can be performed at any time of the year, and is good for all skin types. 

Only available in the Imperial Valley clinic.

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