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Visage at the Vein Clinic

Aesthetic Clinics & Vein Center located in El Centro, CA & Murrieta, CA

Having good, glowing skin is paramount in looking good and feeling healthy. At Visage at the Vein Clinic in El Centro and Murrieta, California serving the Imperial Valley and Temecula Valley, Seung Gwon, MD, FACS, Susan Hahm, MD, FACS, and their teams perform a range of treatments that promote cellular turnover, correct blemishes, and address other skin conditions such as melasma. To discover the benefits for your skin, book a consultation today.

Skin Treatments Q&A

What treatments are offered? 

Glacial Rx (tm)

Uses a cooling technology, Cryomodulation, to treat dark spots including age spots and sun spots, plus melasma and rosacea. Includes a medical grade facial to help the skin overall. 

HydraFacial (tm)

Uses a patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate your skin so that it can be the cleanest, clearest that it can be. Additional booster serums can be added to give your skin extra nutrients. 


A treatment that involves puncturing the skin with fine, short needles which create channels in the skin, triggering the skin’s normal healing processes to produce cellular turnover resulting in new skin, to break down scars and to promote the production of new proteins on the skin. 


A treatment which combines the benefits of microneedling with delivery of radio frequency energy to the skin to stimulate more skin remodeling and tightening.